Make an attractive online portfolio!

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Make an attractive online portfolio!

Make an attractive online portfolio!


A colourful and colourful portfolio that is guaranteed to attract attention


You might need a portfolio to post online for a concert, a gig or even a job search. However, it’s not always the same how it’s put together and how it presents the most interesting and relevant information about you, not to mention the fact that you’re giving away all the information about yourself that you’d most like to be in the public domain.

Here are some handy tips to help you get more attention from employers and even the press.


A classic CV will do as a basis, in which you can list your studies, jobs, other skills (e.g. whether you have any other interests outside music, are mobile, etc.).


It’s useful to have a few good quality photos, which are best left to a professional or collected at a gig. An important rule is to always give the name and artist’s name of the photographer or ask permission to use it, and always ask to be credited in connection with the appearance.

If you have a performance or radio or TV interview available online, be sure to include the link, and don’t forget to keep your portfolio up to date.

And finally, a small but important piece of advice: the best file format for your portfolio is PDF.