Make your ways to the media outlets!

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Make your ways to the media outlets!

When and how should we manage the publicity of our projects?


An artist who is basically used to concentrate enough on making music, practicing, and activities directly related to his/her profession may be initially intimidated by self-management or project management.


But today, without all of these, no matter how valuable what you do is, it is impossible to be visible. You have to get used to sometimes doing the tasks that, in the case of an institution, are done by a whole team. Believe me, there’s a beauty in that and, most importantly, you can gain a lot of new skills.


It’s important to start by figuring out what you want to say to the public through your project. L’art pour l’art rarely works anymore, so it is recommended to find the main motive that made you go for the work or the material.


Once you’ve figured this out, have a nicely put together portfolio of yourself and your presentation and send it to the press. Look for national and even international trade magazines, online magazines, TV programmes that might be suitable for your project. Don’t despair if you don’t always succeed, the point is to try to contact as many places as possible.


If you have been successful, it is important to report these press releases on your own platforms, and if there are more of you in the project, you should all do so. This is guaranteed to be a good thing, as it will spread quickly in professional circles and among your friends and acquaintances, and your news will reach more and more places, which will of course create more and more invitations and opportunities later on.



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