Online Resources for Career Development in the European Classical Music Sector

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Online Resources for Career Development in the European Classical Music Sector

In the arena of European classical music, often characterised by its competitive nature, developing as a musician and carving out a niche requires not just consistent practice and performance but also ongoing education and participation in professional networks. There is a wide variety of online tools available to young musicians in Europe who are interested in honing their skill and advancing their careers. These resources are aimed to advise, educate, and inspire young musicians. There are several options for professional advancement in the field of classical music that may be found in the digital world. These opportunities range from comprehensive databases and informative books to insightful essays and engaging forums. The following is a list of important resources that every budding musician in Europe ought to investigate:

Blogs and Articles Online
European Music Council Website: A treasure mine of resources on all facets of a musician’s career and insights into different music scenes in Europe.
Classical Music Magazine: Provides inspiration and knowledge through articles ranging from career advice for new performers to industry updates.
VAN – An independent online classical music magazine: VAN is an independent online classical music magazine, published weekly in English and German.


“The Musician’s Way” by Gerald Klickstein: This book provides a thorough approach to practicing, performing, and developing the mental skills required to have a long-term career in music. It’s a must-read for anyone looking to learn more about musicianship and career planning.
“Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music” by Angela Myles Beeching: Beeching’s book is an excellent resource for classical musicians, providing practical guidance on everything from networking to establishing a strong web presence.

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Directories and Databases
Musical America Worldwide: Offers a complete directory of the music industry, including contact information for orchestras, opera companies, festivals, and agents in Europe. This is a great tool for networking and finding job prospects.
IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: IMSLP, a comprehensive library of public domain music scores, is an indispensable tool for accessing repertoire, studying scores, and preparing for performances and auditions.

Online Boards and Communities
Talk Classical: A forum community dedicated to classical music for musicians and other enthusiasts.
Viola Central Forum: Although designed exclusively for violists, this forum demonstrates the type of specialised online community where young musicians can seek advice, share experiences, and connect with peers and mentors.


The Reddit Classical Music Community: A comprehensive forum covering all aspects of classical music. Young musicians can participate in conversations ranging from music theory and composition to career advice and instrument maintenance.

Platforms for Professional Development and Learning
Berklee Online: Provides online courses and credentials in various fields of music performance, theory, and business, allowing musicians to continue their study from any location.
Coursera, Kadenze & EdX: These platforms provide courses from institutions throughout the world, such as music theory, history, and industry-specific classes, which can help with professional growth.

Job Boards and Networking Opportunities
Be Your Own Manager: An online platform tailored to classical musicians, groups, and industry professionals. It provides networking possibilities as well as a platform for managing and advancing one’s career.


Musical Chairs: A top job search platform for musicians, with advertisements for orchestral employment, teaching roles, and other opportunities throughout Europe.

The path of a classical musician is both challenging and rewarding. It involves not only ability and effort, but also a proactive approach to career advancement. By using these online tools, young musicians in Europe can gain knowledge, skills, and contacts that will help them navigate the complexities of the music industry and achieve their career goals. Whether you’re seeking information, motivation, or a sense of community, the internet has solutions to help you achieve your musical goals.