Viva internationalism and personality in social media!

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Viva internationalism and personality in social media!

Perhaps the most important thing for a musician is to make the most of the internationality of his profession. It might be worth posting in English as well as your mother tongue, using hashtags, making short videos. However, it’s important not to overthink it, and it’s important that these expressions are to the point, not overblown, because the aim is to get the message across.


At the outset, it is worthwhile to choose those colleagues whose style, world and humour are closest to the ideal we have in mind. It can be good to take them as a starting point, to observe what we like about them, what catches us, why we spin their posts. If, for example, we find ourselves looking at how a fellow musician who tours regularly shares his travel experiences alongside his gigs, and we like it, it might be worth replicating it on our own platforms. Of course, it’s always important to remain self-identical in this, and to just be inspired rather than taking on manners that are far removed from ourselves, because that’s never expedient.


Of course, it’s best if your content on social media is more related to your profession, and in most cases it consists of the aforementioned posts, even if they are a little creative, humorous or contain behind-the-scenes secrets. But sometimes you can add a bit of personality – if your family members don’t mind – with one or two more personal posts, as this will make your social networking pages more human and friendly.


So, to sum up, it is obviously best to start from within yourself, to be inspired by yourself, to work through the impacts you are faced with every day. But one thing is for sure: unfortunately, self-branding is inevitable, so the best thing you can do is to start as soon as possible and get into the habit of engaging with your social media platforms on a daily basis.


Think of it as a chore that can only pay off and serve your own interests by making you visible and accessible.


Here are some really good examples from the world of classical music: