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The project focuses on the revitalization of the classical music sector and the creation of a network of musicians that are oriented towards the development of new skills and competencies in relation to demands and evolution on the market, as well as in connection with their own needs. The project develops instruments and produces results that foster the empowerment of professionals in the field of classical music.



ClassicalME SUMMIT

JM Hungary
Although Jeunesses Musicales Hungary’s international parent organization is Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI), it enjoys full autonomy beyond the international projects. The Hungarian program exists since 1965. JM Hungary’s goals have always fell into the steps of Jeunesses Musicales International, but it has always made sure it takes these steps by applying the Hungarian peculiarities to them. The aim of the association is providing kids and young people with after school musical activities, educating them to better understand music, cultivating talents and fostering international relationships.
Trib’Art Association is an NGO active in the Timișoara music sector, but also a nationally known organisation, through the high-profile projects it implements. Although a young one, the Trib`Art (Artistic Tribe) has developed during the 5 years of activity reference music projects, such as the Romanian Chamber Orchestra or the Eufonia Festival, but also projects that promote music education, but also music education, representative being the series of Pavilion projects, as well as the Musical Village project. Since 2020, the association has been a member of the European Music Council, a European structure with over 160 members, demonstrating the organisation's concern for acquiring an international dimension.
The Organization for European Programmes and Cultural Relations was established by the Republic of Cyprus in 2020 with a Decision of the Council of Ministers with the main goal of promoting and disseminating contemporary Cypriot artistic creation and contributing in every possible way to both European and international cultural networking.

About us

The partners involved in the project have participated in different cooperation platforms throughout the time. EPCR, Jeunesse Musicales and Trib`Art are members of the European Music Council. All the project results we intend to develop are digitized and widely accessible to musicians and other professionals of the field, they can be accessed by whoever would be interested to use these new methodologies and instruments that will bring upscaling in the sector.


Our project will have an impact on the way classical music, musicians and other professionals in the sector relate to the evolutions of the sector and its challenges in the contemporary world. This will happen as a result of increased competences, relevance of the methodologies and a better connection to the needs of musicians and the classical music sector as a whole.

Health Kit
Audience Development

Intellectual Outputs

Audience Development Toolkit

Using technologies and digital competences - evaluation methods of public engagement and solutions for public development in the field of classical music.

Health Kit

Due to considerable occupational challenges and stressors, classical musicians face increased risk for mental health issues, compared to the general population. As such, scholars have highlighted the importance of developing psychological resilience in musicians.

Open online publications

Engaging  contributors  from  all  over  Europe  on  issues  of concern  for  the  field  of  classical  music  (organization,  communication,  audience development etc.)



This section is dedicated to members of the cultural music community and aims to create new networks. Artists, cultural managers, independent organizations, as well as cultural institutions will have the opportunity to promote their projects and create new partnerships and co-productions. Also, within the community, cultural promoters will be able to exchange ideas and information. Artists will be encouraged to share personal projects such as recordings or cultural events with the community.



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