Classical ME Summit 2023

ClassicalME Summit 2023 is built upon the theme of “Innovative Methods for a Sustainable Classical Music Industry: Balancing Sustainability and Unpredictability.” It takes place in Romania, at Timisoara Convention Center, between 4th and 6th of November.

Its primary objective is to unite paramount figures in classical music, both from Romania and abroad. Throughout the summit, a rich array of activities will unfold, encompassing conferences, round tables, showcases, workshops, concerts, masterclasses, and one-on-one sessions.

In the course of this initiative, we have garnered support from a diverse spectrum of participants, including representatives from the Ministry of Culture, directors of cultural institutions, delegates from artistic management agencies abroad, educators from institutions specializing in music, both national and international, as well as individuals from the corporate world who share a profound connection with classical music. Additionally, we welcome the involvement of independent artists, students, pupils, and enthusiasts of classical music. All of these contributors, together with our audience, form a vital part of this dynamic cultural convergence.

ClassicalME Summit 2023 aligns with the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), fostering a sustainable and equitable world by 2030 and advancing sustainability within the classical music industry for all stakeholders.


Showcases serve as a platform for artists to present their talents to the discerning audience of Classical ME. Encouraging creativity and experimentation, these sessions provide independent artists, chamber ensembles, and cultural organizations the opportunity to show their artistic endeavors through solo recitals, chamber concerts, or interdisciplinary performances. This exposure grants them substantial visibility, as the ClassicalME audience comprises some of the most influential figures in classical music, both nationally and internationally.

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Conferences and Networking Sessions

Through a dynamic array of conferences, round tables, and personalized one-on-one sessions, participants at the Classical ME Summit will have the exceptional opportunity to connect with a wide spectrum of professionals. These included managers of philharmonics and operas from both national and international realms, rectors, deans, and directors of esteemed music universities and high schools across Europe, directors of classical music festivals, impresarios, discerning art critics, as well as representatives of prominent artists, including international composers, conductors, and soloists. This platform facilitated direct interaction with models of excellence from the European and American landscape, showcasing best practices related to education, development, audience diversification, self-management, artist career growth, and the innovative use of new media techniques in contemporary music.

Distinguished keynote speakers will illuminate the summit with their ideas and practical strategies for fostering greater sustainability within the classical music industry. Their unparalleled insights and experiences are poised to ignite inspiration among our attendees and drive the advancement of sustainable practices.

Our lineup of experts includes Beat Fehlmann – Manager of Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz and German orchestras manager of the year 2022, László Agoston – one of Hungary’s most widely-read bloggers, recipient of the “Nordic Goodwill Ambassador” title from the joint embassies of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland for his outstanding contributions, and a regular lecturer at the Metropolitan University Budapest, Prof. Dr. Daniel Sebastian Scholz, a distinguished Professor of Musicians’ Health, Psychologist, Licensed Behavioral Psychotherapist, and Musician, from University of Music and the University of Lübeck, Gerald Mertens – Director of UNISONO – German Orchestra Foundation and Editor-in-Chief of the prestigious magazine “das Orchester”, Yvan Boudillet, Vice President of Public Policy at Utopia Music, Adam Jeanes, Senior Relationship Manager for Music at Arts Council England, Shain Shapiro, PhD, Chairman of Sound Diplomacy, accomplished Author, Founder, Thought Leader, and Senior Executive, and Federico Hernández – Associate Director at HarrisonParrott and Head of the Madrid Office.


Beat Fehlmann
Manager of Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz
Shain Shapiro, PhD
Chairman of Sound Diplomacy
Adam Jeanes
Senior Relationship Manager for Music at Arts Council England
Gerald Mertens
Director of UNISONO German Orchestra Union
Yvan Boudillet
Vice President of Public Policy at Utopia Music
Prof. Dr. Daniel Sebastian Scholz
Professor of Musicians' Health, Psychologist, Licensed Behavioral Psychotherapist
Federico Hernández
Associate Director at HarrisonParrott
László András Ágoston
Influential Hungarian blogger, lecturer at Metropolitan University Budapest
Alexandra Solea
Program Director, Rome Business School Italia
Giosuè Prezioso
Dean of Academic Affairs at Unicollege, Italy

Workshop Cultural Journalism

László András Ágoston is set to lead a three-day training program running from November 1st to 3rd. During this event, participants will immerse themselves in the field of cultural journalism, delving into its contemporary principles. They will then put their creativity prowess into practice throughout the three-day Summit, applying what they have acquired.

Participants will explore identifying answers to questions such as:

  1. How can one convey the emotional essence of music through language?
  2. What methods are used to uncover the life story and career journey of a musician?
  3. How do you articulate moments that, by their very essence, are fleeting and irreplaceable?
  4. As a cultural journalist in the 21st century, how do you contribute to the sustainability of classical music?
Structure Round Table 1

04.11.2023 14:00 – 15:00

  • Beat Fehlmann – Manager, Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz
  • Yvan Boudillet – Vice President of Public Policy, Utopia Music
  • David Zsoldos – President Jeunesses Musicales Hungary & Board Member European Music Council
Structure Round Table 2

04.11.2023 17:00 – 18:30

  • Adam Jeanes – Senior Relationship Manager, Music at Arts Council England
  • Michalis Karakatsanis – Vice-chair, European Music Council Board
  • Federico Hernández – Associate Director, HarrisonParrott
  • Simona Herczeg – Executive Director, Tribul Artistic
Structure Round Table 3

05.11.2023 12:00 – 13:00

  • Cristina Uruc – Director of ARTEXIM: Organizer of „George Enescu” International Festival and Competition
  • Dragoș Cantea –  Artistic Director, Classix Festival
  • Gabriel Bebeșelea – Artistic Director, Musica Ricercata Festival
Structure Round Table 4

05.11.2023 15:45 – 17:15

  • Giosuè Prezioso – Dean of academic affairs, Unicollege Torino
  • Alexandra Solea – Program Director, Rome Business School Italia
  • Valentina Băințan – TV Producer, Romanian Television (TVR)
  • László András Ágoston – Influential Hungarian blogger, lecturer at Metropolitan University Budapest
Structure Round Table 5

06.11.2023 14:00 – 15:30

  • Silvia Sbârciu – Manager, ”Transylvain” Philharmonic Cluj Napoca
  • Levente György – Manager, State Philharmonic Târgu Mureș
  • Laurențiu Muntean – Manager, Philharmonic Arad
  • Ovidiu Andriș – Manager, „Banatul” Philharmonic Timișoara


Access to the summit is free, but registration is recommended in order to reserve your seat.

The project is part of the national cultural program “Timișoara – European Capital of Culture in 2023” financed by the Municipality of Timișoara through the Project Center.