Classical ME is a complex event, unique in Romania, which aims to bring together the most important representatives of classical music from the country and abroad. During the summit there will be concerts, showcases, workshops, masterclasses, conferences, round tables and one-on-one sessions.

During this project we were joined by the representatives of the Ministry of Culture, the managers of cultural institutions, the representatives of the impresario and artistic management agencies from abroad, the representatives of educational institutions with a musical profile from the country and abroad, but also those of companies and independent artists, of students and pupils, ambassadors of the business environment who are directly connected with classical music, but also simple music lovers.


The Classical ME summit 2022 took place at Timișoara Convention Centre.

Conferences and networking sessions

Through conferences, round tables and one-on-one sessions, professionals attending the Classical ME Summit had the opportunity to get in touch with managers of philharmonics and operas in the country and from abroad, rectors, deans and directors of music universities and high schools from Europe, directors of classical music festivals, impresarios, art critics, but also the representatives of the artists, such as international composers, conductors and soloists. Thus, the participants had the opportunity to interact with models of good practice encountered at European level in terms of education, development and diversification to the public, self-management and development of the artist’s career or use new media techniques in contemporary music.

6 round tables
7 conferences
15 one-on-one sessions
30+ professionals invited
Marius Constantinescu

Workshop Cultural Journalism

coordinated by Marius Constantinescu

“To love music through words”. It was a short and subjective presentation of how to write about music and how to maintain a dialogue with a musician, according to the principles of modern journalism, where creative input and narrative imprint play important roles. How do you translate the emotion of the music into words? How do you unravel the life and career story of a musician? How do you communicate about a moment that, by its very definition, is finite and unrepeatable? How do you do cultural journalism adapted and appropriate to the 21st century starting from music? These are just a few questions that have opened up up and kept alive the conversation about music and how it extends its fascination into the word.


Showcases are an opportunity for artists to promote themselves in front of Classical ME audiences. Being encouraged creativity and experiment, independent artists, chamber ensembles and organizations independents had the opportunity to promote their cultural products through solo recitals, chamber concerts or interdisciplinary shows. They got a lot of visibility, the Classical ME public being made up of some of the most relevant representatives of classical music from the country and abroad.


Every evening, there was a chamber or symphonic concert performed by high-value artists, in different locations in Timișoara, such as Filarmonica Banatul, Opera Națională Română din Timișoara and Sinagoga din Cetate.

Programme of the Summit

Saturday, 29.10.2022

  • 10:30 – Morning conference held by Júlia Mihályfy / Pro Progressione (Hungary) – European funding of music projects
  • 14:00 – Afternoon session held by Miquel Àngel Parera Salvà (manager of the Swiss Orchestra) – Identity in Music Institutions-  public development
  • 15:30 – Round table – Education in the classical music sector – Challenges and opportunities – representatives of vocational schools (graduate and undergraduate) – Guests: directors of music faculties and music schools in Romania – Daniel Zah (deputy director of Ion Vidu High School Timișoara), Cristian Ladislau Andriș (head of the doctoral school at the Faculty of Music and Theater UVT), Alexandra Solea (Director of Master’s Programs in Artistic and Cultural Management at Rome Business School)
  • 17:30 – Evening conference held by Marius Constantinescu – Cultural Journalism
  • 19:00 – Eufonia Festival Concert – The Synagogue of the city
Júlia Mihályfy
Pro Progressione
Miquel Àngel Parera Salvà
Orchestra Manager – Swiss Orchestra

Sunday, 30.10.2022

  • 10:30 – Morning conference held by Orsolya Szabó / Zsolya Communications, Focus on You; social media & communications, audience development
  • 14:00 Conference – Sorin Alexandru Horlea – “Personal Testimony About Emerging Young Traditions into Classical Music”- Subtitle: 22 years of self development and research side by side with two countries, Lebanon and Cyprus, growing into music, and for music. Testimonies, experiences, stories.
  • 15:30 Round table – Classical Music Institutions – How to adapt to existing and future challenges – Guests: managers of orchestras and operas in Romania – Cristian Lupeș (manager of the Sibiu Philharmonic), Cristian Rudic (manager of the Timisoara National Opera), Daniel Jinga (manager of the Bucharest National Opera), Florin Estefan (manager of the Cluj National Opera), Ovidiu Andriș (interim manager of the Banatul Timișoara Philharmonic)
  • 17:30 – Afternoon session held by Angelica Postu –  Well being through music – From listening, music pedagogy and music performance
  • 18:30 Workshops on – Cultural Journalism and Funding opportunities
Orsolya Szabó
Zsolya Communications, Focus on You
Angelica Postu
music therapist
Sorin Alexandru Horlea

Monday, 31.10.2022

  • 10:30 – Morning conference held by David Zsoldos (Papageno HU) – International Cooperation in the field of Classical Music
  • 14:00 – Afternoon conference:  Challenges in new times – COVID and environmental issues – Federico Hernandez – Harrison Parrot
  • 16:00 – Round table – Festivals and classical music projects (independent sector) – Guests: directors of independent cultural operators and directors of Festivals – Cristina Uruc (Enescu Festival), Vlad Popescu (Eufonia Festival), Sebastian Gheorgiu (Icon Arts)
  • Closing speeches
David Zsoldos
Papageno HU
Federico Hernández
Associate Director at HarrisonParrott