Angelica Postu

The main promoter of music therapy in Romania, Angelica Postu was born in Bucharest, studied piano at the National University of Music, and at the same time, she graduated in parallel the Faculty of Psychology. After obtaining the Master of Arts degree in piano interpretation at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels she decided to pursue her dream of attending the Music Therapy Master degree at the National University of Arts in Berlin, thus combining her musical passion and interest with psychology and becoming so the first accredited romanian music therapist. 

In 2017-2018 she was co-therapist in the Asperger Band Project, which was supported and organized by the National University of Arts in Berlin. Starting 2017 she became the first romanian member of the German Music Therapy Association (Deutsche Musiktherapeutische Gesellschaft). As a practitioner in music therapy, she has gained her experience in Spain, Belgium and Germany.
 Angelica Postu is co-author in the volume “Receptive Music Therapy”, by Prof. Dr. Ioan Bradu-Iamandescu, 2020 edition, with the chapter “Professional training of music therapists” and the first article in German on Music Therapy in Romania, published  in the magazine of the German Music Therapy Association-Musiktherapeutische Umschau in September 2020.
The president of the Romanian Music Therapy Association, Angelica Postu, constantly works on promoting the theoretical and practical bases and methods of the western school of Music Therapy with a tradition of over 60 years, as a practitioner, trainer and speaker.
In parallel, combining the experience in the field of psychology with that acquired as a pianist on stage, Angelica Postu prepares and advises musicians in the process of personal development, understanding and management of emotions, presentation on stage and career-related fears.
Through conferences and workshops dedicated to the health of musicians, Angelica Postu aims to raise awareness about the importance of self-care and well-being, in order to prevent the development of emotional disorders.