Questionnaire 1/4


    How often do you go to live classical music concerts/opera performances?

    How often do you watch more than 10 minutes of classical music/opera content online?

    How often do you watch full concerts / operas online?

    What genres of classical music do you prefer?

    Do you prefer to listen to classical music alone or with others?

    Do you engage in other activities while listening to classical music (e.g. reading, studying, exercising)?

    Have you ever played a musical instrument or sung in a choir?

    Questionnaire 2/4


    How often do you listen to music online ?

    Which platform are you using for listening to music?

    Do you have a subscription for …

    When choosing your audio platform, how important are the following:

    (1 - not at all, 5- extremely important)


    Easy, intuitive interface

    Size of content library

    Friends are using it too

    Has a free trial period

    Questionnaire 3/4


    Do you have a…

    Which device do you use for listening to music?

    Which device do you use for watching general video content?

    Which device do you use for watching music video content?

    Do you agree with the following statements?

    (1 - not at all, 5- highly agree)


    I watch online concerts only when there are no live concerts (lockdown, illness, etc)

    I cannot enjoy watching an online concert on the small screen of a smartphone.

    It's important for me to watch the concert live, not recorded / delayed.

    I like the time flexibility of the online concerts, so I do not have to start watching exactly when the concert begins.

    I prefer paying for individual concerts I choose, instead of having one or more subscriptions.

    I can find plenty of free classical music on YouTube, why would I pay for more?

    I buy tickets for online concerts not only for music, but also to support the performers.

    It's easy to find the classical music content online I'm looking for.

    I would be happy to have some form of interactivity at online concerts.

    I would need more context and information in order to fully understand and enjoy online concerts

    Do you have a subscription for an online standard video platform?

    Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Disney, other

    Do you have a subscription for live classical music concerts/opera?


    Do you have a subscription for an online classical music platform or orchestra?,,, others

    What is the price that you would be comfortable paying for a live concert?

    What is the price you would be comfortable paying for an online concert?

    Do you believe that classical music has relevance in the future society?

    Questionnaire 4/4



    Age group:


    Size of settlement:


    Income (monthly):

    In a relationship:


    Age of child: