Choose your agency carefully!

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Choose your agency carefully!

Music management agencies are businesses that specialise in managing musicians, bands and other music artists and promoting their careers. If you decide you want to work with an agent, you should be aware of how working together works and what extra tasks you will face.


Music management agencies can offer a wide range of services, including management, strategy development, tour management, event management, marketing and PR, legal advice, record publishing and other professional services. As they need to have a huge network of contacts to do all of this, this network of contacts can also be a major boost to your career.

These businesses and companies usually work on a contract basis with musicians or bands. The agency fee is a percentage of the total revenue generated by the artists they manage. Agencies can offer different terms and conditions and contracts, so it is important to carefully research this when signing your own contract.

Choosing your manager is an important step in furthering your music career, so it’s worth following these tips before you sign with an agent.


  1. Define your goals! Before you start looking for a manager, think about what your goals are and what type of support you need from a manager.


  1. Kutass! Search online, check out local music communities and ask other musicians who they’ve heard of and who they recommend.


  1. Inquire! Meet potential managers and ask them about their experience, resources available, past successes and career plans. This is important because it will give you an idea of how much time you will have to dedicate to your career. If they have too many people already, they may not have enough time for you, and if they have very few, it’s worth looking at the results they’re getting from their existing clients.


  1. Check the references! Ask all potential managers to provide references from their past or current clients and contact them to find out about their experiences.


  1. Assess personality and work style! It is important that the manager’s personality and work style are compatible with yours. Choose a manager who is easy to communicate with and who understands and supports your goals.


Working with a music manager requires a very close partnership, so it’s essential that you have the utmost trust in your agent and communicate with them constantly, even if you have a busy concert season.