Create cooperations with business entities

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Create cooperations with business entities

Stimulating partnerships with companies and event management agencies can create new opportunities for a musician. It can reach a wider audience, even those who might not listen to classical music on their own. It is a kind of missionary activity. However, to develop collaborations, it is necessary to be prepared and to think in terms of shorter and longer productions that can be fitted into the schedule of an event. Of course, this also requires the artist to be flexible and highly creative, as they need to assess how they can connect with the organisations concerned. However, if you start down this path, you can open doors that you would never have imagined by increasing your business networking capital.


However, to be effective, partnerships need to be thought through several steps in advance.


Create a professional portfolio and promotional material that showcases you, your performing skills and your previous references and concerts. These materials can help you attract interest from corporate event organisers.

Connect with companies, intermediary agencies and corporate event organisers in person or via online platforms. Send them your portfolio and promotional material and you’re sure to find a corporate collaboration opportunity for which they are specifically looking for artists. This is not just an entertainment benefit for companies. Incorporating art into their corporate environment helps to reinforce their brand messages and raise the profile of their events.

Attend events where corporate leaders and event organisers are present. These could be conferences, corporate events or networking events. All of these give you the opportunity to build personal relationships and introduce yourself as a musician.

Whenever you meet business people, it is important to communicate professionally and effectively with interested companies and event organisers, as this will also raise your artistic value and show how you can fit in with the company’s own values.