Take care of your health!

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Take care of your health!

The harmony of body and soul is not excluded when touring and living a hectic lifestyle!

As a musician, you must be used to being on stage all the time, people watching, people listening, maybe even used to feeling that this is your most natural environment. But let’s face it, physically and mentally, it’s a very demanding constant exposure. When you are young, all this is counterbalanced by your home environment, friends, teachers, familiar surroundings.


After finishing your studies, you suddenly find that the life you dreamed of has suddenly become yours. Things are accelerating, and this can be said of you when you embark on a solo career, but also when you become part of a band.


So in a good case, the daily routine changes. As well as practising, gigging starts, and with that comes touring, which involves a lot of travelling.

For someone who is suddenly hit by this, it can cause strange changes, not only mentally but also physically. It is important to react well to the negative effects of this way of being, and not to resort to self-destructive, short-term pleasures.


It’s worth learning techniques that promote quality sleep, digestion and balance even when you don’t have time to exercise. You can now do the most to maintain your brain, your psyche and your physical well-being.