Self Branding on Social Media

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Self Branding on Social Media

In today’s world, we are strongly influenced by social media, which has become not just a place for communicating with friends or finding acquaintances, but rather a marketing machine that greatly influences our purchasing decisions and often even shapes our preferences and lifestyles.

In this context, it is crucial for an artist, especially one at the beginning of their career, to build a positive image on these social networks, as they often help artists reach their audience. Before getting into the PR and promotion aspects within these networks, many artists ask themselves, “What do I need to do to make myself and my work known?” Certainly, the answer is not a simple one because there is no standard recipe for success, but there are some steps that can ensure good visibility on these social media platforms.

First and foremost, you need to start with the question: Who am I, and what makes me special compared to other artists in my field? Everyone has something unique that defines them and sets them apart from others, but finding this element is often not very easy. You must conduct extensive research in your field, follow similar pages to ensure that you don’t discover later that there are others with the same unique element as you.

Once you’ve found the defining element that you consider innovative in your field, you should be aware that this element doesn’t have to be very complex. Most social media users use these platforms for relaxation, entertainment, or to follow interesting things they don’t encounter in their daily lives. To be successful, you must understand the preferences of the people who use these networks.

Another important aspect to consider when building your image on social media is that you shouldn’t limit yourself to your specific field. Today’s society values diversification and often follows ephemeral trends. You need to be aware of these trends because the audience on social media is not just looking for music, culture, or information.

Collaborations with other artists can be beneficial. Often, posts featuring your collaboration with similar or even completely different artists than what you regularly post can bring you better visibility and benefit the artist you collaborated with. The audience often seeks novelty, and any collaboration and its promotion in your virtual space can help solidify your image on social media.

Do reactions to social issues or other current events bring you new followers? Certainly, your audience follows you not only for your artistic side but also to get to know you as a person if they appreciate your work. Therefore, for better interaction with your audience, create relevant posts about current social issues on social media. Try to avoid absolute viewpoints and be open to all perspectives presented by other influencers. Avoid making extreme statements, as they can lead to negative promotion that you do not want.

In the hope that we have provided you with some direction for managing your social media pages, we encourage you to stay informed and keep up with the latest developments on these platforms, as they are highly dynamic and changes happen rapidly. However, remember that in a world where advertising is no longer done solely through word of mouth within a small group or just on television channels, social media is crucial for promoting yourself as an artist.

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